Mother’s Day Out Facebook Post

This is the my facebook post from Thursday and most of the reactions. I redacted some of it to erase names and identifying information. I am posting it here for the purpose of being able to link to it on twitter.

Tisa Lovett White
Intellectually, I knew this day might come, but my heart was not prepared for Littlest Angels Mother’s Day Out at Our Lady of the Lake to close as of the end of this year. Julia is my fourth child to go through the program, and we have attended Christmas and end-of-year programs there on and off for about 17 years. The children and I have made many lifelong friends there. The loss of this program will be devastating to our church in a thousand subtle ways for decades into the future, and it will be almost impossible to revive it, even under new leadership. I’m sad, and I’m angry.

I’ve signed Julia up to attend Stepping Stones preschool at the Free Methodist Church across from Nebbie next year, on the hearty recommendation of several trusted people, but it won’t be the same.
• 4 April at 16:15 near Rockwall •

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• XXXX Your family came immediately to mind when I heard. I’m sad for our church, this is a huge and heart breaking loss.
4 April at 16:17 via mobile

XXXX That is so sad!
4 April at 16:19

XXXX I just don’t know what to say.
4 April at 16:20 via mobile •
XXXX Very well said,Tisa.
4 April at 16:21 via mobile •

XXXX We will be THRILLED to have her and LOVE her but I’m sad for you and for your church.
4 April at 16:38 •
• XXXX Wow. I’m speechless…..and extremely disappointed.
4 April at 16:51
• XXXX Why?
4 April at 16:56 via mobile •
• XXXX Yes, it was a strange day.
4 April at 17:12 via mobile •
• XXXX It seems in a time when the church should be embracing our youth and community, it is doing the exact opposite. I agree, a devastating decision.
4 April at 17:29
• XXXX It only makes sense that they *should be embracing the youth, the future generations of the church. These are the future parishioners who will be supporting them later in life. Crazy
4 April at 17:31 via mobile
XXXX We were provided a letter from our priest citing an inspection by diocesan authorities and stating “we cannot provide a secure area without others walking through.”
4 April at 17:33 via mobile •
4 April at 17:34
XXXX Sorry that this has happened but I’m not surprised by his decision.
4 April at 17:40 via mobile • Like • 2
• XXXX Yes,XXXX, his views on it have been clear for some time
4 April at 17:45 via mobile

XXXX There is a spot for your family at St. Martins they have two priest that are nice and care for there parishioners.
4 April at 17:48 via mobile
• XXXX So sad to hear the news.
4 April at 17:48 via mobile
• XXXX That breaks my heart. My only comfort on that is remembering all the milestones my kids achieved there.
4 April at 17:49 via mobile
• XXXX So sad for your family! Wish things were different in many way! Is there anything we can do to help?
4 April at 17:59 via mobile •

XXXX I am so very, very sad to hear this news, although I am not surprised. I think we all knew it was coming, considering the climate that has taken over our once thriving parish over the last 3 years. I celebrated Easter in a different parish this year, and it was inspiring, enlightening and encouraging, all the things a home parish should be. I will forever hold our years at Little Angels close to my heart. The love and care my kids received from the women who became my closest of friends will forever hold a special place in our hearts.
4 April at 18:16
• XXXX I just read the letter, and wrote WAY to much so I will refrain from commenting on it, only to say if I ever felt in the least that my children could be in a position of harm they would have never been their.
4 April at 18:20 •

Tisa Lovett White Pray for me, XXXX. Thanks.
4 April at 19:27
• XXXX What a shame
4 April at 19:44
• XXXX Oh Wow! That is sad news. My two youngest attended Littlest Angels and I spent three amazing years teaching preschool there. That was over a dozen years ago, but I too have made lifelong friends from that experience. For the past 13 years I have worn the James Avery bracelet that was a gift from my final class. (Those students are seniors this year.) It is on my arm as I type and serves as a reminder of those rare and wonderful experiences I will always cherish.
4 April at 20:12 •
• XXXX My heart is broken for our dear church, Tisa and the young mothers like you. My XXXX–now 30 years old–was in the very first class of Littlest Angels. Maria Dempsey was the teacher. And you should have seen the facilities at the “old” church which was a former Baptist church. Oh my, what fantastic memories I have of my boys growing up there. So sad.
4 April at 20:36 •

XXXX I am so sad! I loved teaching there! I have fabulous memories of our time there.
4 April at 21:07 •
XXXX I’m stunned. And I’m thoroughly saddened for all the other children of our church that will not get the loving, beautiful start to their learning like my boys received at littlest angels. Hugs and prayers to all of my friends that I know are hurting right now.
4 April at 22:17 via mobile • Edited •
• XXXX So sad! Sorry to hear this! I agree about our church and the little children, we do not offer enough for them…
Friday at 07:19
XXXX Wow… Is all I can say….
Friday at 23:36 via mobile •
XXXX This is so sad! Littlest Angels was not just wonderful for my Grace, but was exactly what I needed at the time in support and love from other moms. My time there made me feel like I wasn’t alone is my spiritual journey as a mother and wife. I will always appreciate and cherish the friendships that I found there.
Saturday at 10:11
XXXX I’m so very sad!
Saturday at 11:38 •
• XXXX When I first heard the news I was more angry than sad, but, this morning I was getting ready to go shopping for XXXXX, and I opened my jewelry box and found a gift from MDO that XXXX made me and that I know so many of my friends have as well, since XXXX and I helped the kiddos make them..
and then a JA charm gift… And it hit me… SAD!


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