You Are a Dangerous Fool

pertussis-graph-2012-lg-640x480I’m missing a family trip and several other events due to a sick little boy, and it feels like this winter will never end. That, combined with a little free time created a perfect storm for this post, which I’m sure could be more charitably and effectively presented.
It won’t be, because if you won’t get your children vaccinated, you are a dangerous fool. I’d don’t want to hear your unscientific rumors or your fraudulent autism claims. Just shut it, I’m not tolerating your viewpoint. You’re just wrong, dangerously wrong. You are a danger to my children. I never got to know my aunt, who died of whooping cough at the age of three. If the horror of your three year old daughter coughing to death in your arms doesn’t make you get over yourself and do the right thing, then you’re dead to me.

*Rant concluded* (for now) You may return to your opinion of me as a mild-mannered housewife.


About tisawhite

I'm a mother of 4 children. I'm Catholic and I'm a lawyer.
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