Summer – Day 1

Yesterday was the first day of summer and predictably, it did not go as planned. First, the fates conspired very effectively to thwart my goal of an early morning walk with Robert and Julia. Julia fell Tuesday evening and we had to take her to the ER for seven stitches in her mouth. I was vacuuming in an adjacent room and they were playing and I heard Robert yelling over the sound of the vacuum. Then I saw the blood. One look at the gaping wound under her lip and I knew a kiss would not make this all better. She was amazing stoic about the whole thing and only cried for a few minutes and let me put ice on it for a few minutes. Todd met us at the ER and by the time we got in, all of us were bloody. All our shirts, including Todd’s dress shirt, were a complete loss. I was pleasantly surprised by our experience at the ER at LakePointe Hospital. The accident happened about 5:15, and we were sitting down at the table eating dinner before 8:00. The pediatrician in the ER did a wonderful job with her, and she did not require sedation or a shot for numbing. He used some kind of gel to numb the area (that was the worst part), then carefully stitched her up. She was amazingly calm through the whole process, thanks be to God. We have a prescription for antibiotics that have to be taken four times a day for ten days, which is kind of a whipping.

Even though the ER trip went as smoothly as it did, we were still all exhausted by the end of the day, and I did not have the heart to wake anyone up, and it was raining anyway, so we all slept in. Luckily, my wonderful Catholic Mothers Council playgroup had an event planned for 9:00am, so we had a mission for the morning. It had to be moved indoors to a McDonald’s because of the rain, but we spent a happy morning in the company of good friends.

I had promised Abigail Subway for lunch, so we picked her and her best friend up from a sleepover and did that, then it was nap time. I left Julia sleeping with the teenagers and took Robert with me to Walmart and to run errands. It was good to be able to spend that time with him alone, and he was very well-behaved. He helped with the groceries when we got home, then played quietly with his new Legos and with Julia. I was busy putting the leaf in the table (Mary would be home that night) and getting her room ready, and the rest of the afternoon went almost eerily peacefully. It was fantastic. The “no TV during the week” rule was enforced with much less resistance than I had anticipated. He did ask to turn it on when we got up, and we had to have a discussion about the rule and why. The playgroup that was planned was a big help because we had something to go to right away. He asked again once later, and accepted ‘no” without argument.

I eventually left Todd and Robert working in the yard and snuck in a walk around the neighborhood before Julia’s bedtime. I really love walking around in the Shores, it’s probably one of my all-time favorite activities. Especially this time of year, everyone’s flowers are so pretty and you are greeted with different sweet smells around every corner.

Oh, I forgot, I guess Robert did watch a little TV yesterday after all. The first game of the Stanley Cup final was on last night and he watched about 30 minutes of that. But there’s no way watching Stanley Cup hockey finals can be harmful to a boy, right? Not in this house! Ha.

We were all delighted to welcome Mary back home around 8:00 and start hearing some of her stories from her canoe trip down the Green River in Utah. I hope she’ll write about it soon. She has some interesting tales.

It’s morning of the second day of summer now, and it looks like I’m letting everyone sleep in again, due to the late night and threat of rain.


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I'm a mother of 4 children. I'm Catholic and I'm a lawyer.
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