Dear Dog Owners: I’m starting to hate you a little…

     Do I come  in your house and poop on your carpet?  That’s what you may as well do when you leave your dogs’ mess on the sidewalk.  When I step in it or drive my stroller through it, then walk back into my house, you have just put fecal matter inside my home.  What’s wrong with you?  Leaving it on the grass is bad enough, but right on the sidewalk?  Seriously?

     This morning I crossed paths with a woman pushing a stroller, accompanied by two loose dogs.  I had to leave the sidewalk and go out into the street to avoid her.  She condescending said to me “It’s OK, they’re with me.”  I just glared at her.  It most certainly was not “OK” that they were with her.  We  have a leash law here for the safety of both dogs and people.  These dogs were not particularly well-behaved, and were not at heel, but trotting up and down the sidewalk sniffing everything, including me.  She was finally able to call back the one that decided to follow me.

     I also hate having my fight-or-flight reflexes stimulated, and my children frightened,  by dogs in their yards that bark and charge aggressively at a fence as I walk by on a public sidewalk.

     I am so grateful that most owners are responsible, like our dear neighbors across the alley.  I wish the rest of you would realize what an annoying burden you foist on those of us who must put up with you and your dogs’ bad behavior.


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I'm a mother of 4 children. I'm Catholic and I'm a lawyer.
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2 Responses to Dear Dog Owners: I’m starting to hate you a little…

  1. sharon says:

    As a dog owner I’m often offended by overprotective moms who try to shield their kids from dogs. Most dogs are wonderful. I agree that more people need to pick up after their dogs – this bothers me too. We carry bags with us. Dogs always on a leash? C’mon, do we glare at you and tell you to cover your children’s mouths when they are loud and obnoxious at restaurants and movie theaters? (okay, we do glare, loud whiney kids in public are a nuisance – endless negotiations where the kids win gets by blood pressure up). Most “bad behavior” I witness in public are with kids. Tolerance – We tolerate your children in public, please try to appreciate our canines. We love them, they are well-behaved and believe it or not, most kids like to see and pet dogs. If my dog were Cujo I would not have him in public ready to devour your child. Really.

  2. D says:

    Dog owners diminish my ability to protect my child when they allow their dogs off leash. Both myself and my child have been bit by seemingly well-behaved dogs.

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