Bring on the silence

Why must there be piped-in music everywhere I go?  And why must people constantly wear headphones?  Can we not trust ourselves to be alone with our thoughts for even a few minutes?  Can you tell I’m a little cranky about this?

It’s pervasive, if you start to take notice.  It seems every store I enter inflicts a bad Beatles cover on me, not to mention elevators and “on hold” music.  The outdoor mall nearby even pipes music outside.  I assume someone in marketing decided that music moves products, but I find it irritating.  My mind is too easily led down a familiar path, ♫Yellow submarine, yellow submarine♫– and suddenly I have lost my train of thought.  I’ve heard of people who leave their television on all the time “for background noise.”  That would drive me up the wall.

Am I just especially sensitive?  Perhaps.  I’d rather chew tinfoil that visit Chuck E. Cheese, or for that matter, anywhere with a lot of background noise.  The cacophony makes it impossible for me to pick out and understand the voices of the people I care about.  In a loud environment, it takes every ounce of my concentration to carry on a conversation – it’s exhausting.

I get my best ideas and solve problems the best in silence, especially while taking a walk.  I do enjoy listening to podcasts, but if I’ve got a sticky situation, I find it’s best to leave the headphones at home and let my mind wander where it will.  Many times I will discover a solution that I love.  The silence can be uncomfortable, too.  Sometimes my mind wanders to painful things that have no solution.  I think that must be healthy, though, to take time to work through emotional things and decide how I really feel.

I also never wear the headphones when I have a talker in the stroller.  That’s a great time to focus on and have a wonderful conversation with a little one.  All sorts of educational opportunities arise on a trip through the neighborhood.

I think I’ll go turn something off now.

Have a quiet day.


About tisawhite

I'm a mother of 4 children. I'm Catholic and I'm a lawyer.
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