In control and organized with one document

     Easter is a perfect time to start spring cleaning and organizing.  I created a document yesterday that is pure gold for anyone who runs a household.  I admit I stole this idea and modified it for my own use from, which is a great website.  The whole flylady system was a bit too much for me, but this idea is a gem. 

     The basic idea is that  you write down in one document every shred of important information about your family.  I did this before about 5 years ago and it has been helpful many, many times.  It was getting out of date – we’d changed insurance and cable companies, so I typed it up anew.  In mine, the information includes names, social security numbers, drivers license numbers, birthdates and places, student id numbers and blood types.   I am constantly needing to put kids’ social security numbers on forms, and it’s great not to have to dig through files for their cards.

     I also have VIN numbers, license numbers, and insurance information on our cars, health insurance information, life insurance information, names, addresses and phone and account numbers for our doctors and dentists, and all banking and investment account numbers and contact information.  This document has account and contact information for all our bills.  If we used credit cards, I would put that, too.  For all the websites I use for banking and bill paying, I have written down the usernames and passwords.

     Can you imagine how helpful this would be if you lost your bag?  It would take you 30 minutes to contact everyone and get new cards for everything, instead of 3 hours.  It’s also a great timesaver to have this handy near the computer, so you don’t have to go digging through your purse if you need to put health insurance information on a child’s permission form. 

     I’ll save this on the computer, but I’m also printing it out and putting it in a notebook in page protectors in case the computer is out.  I wonder what else I should be putting in this document?


About tisawhite

I'm a mother of 4 children. I'm Catholic and I'm a lawyer.
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